Cats ́ tidiness is not a myth. Those sweet felines generally show impeccable hygiene, that pushes them to cover their excrements with sand and groom themselves several times a day. There may be a few exceptions ....

Before everything was perfect! Felix was clean, you were the happy owner of a well-behaved little guy and t one day everything changed. Felix started forgetting his good manners. Wait a sec ́, do not panic, just try to understand the causes of his behavior. This might be the key...

A sudden change of place

Cats are creatures of habit, who cannot stand to be bothered in their routine. Have you moved Felix's litter box? Did you change his brand of sand ? Well, he is letting you know that he doesn ́t quite like it... Animal specialists advise gradual changes. Do not move his litter from one room to another overnight, but move it every day slowly until you « reach your destination », so that your cat gets used to it. Same for the sand brand. Do not suddenlyreplace everything. Make a mix by gradually decreasing the quantity of the old brand...

It is smelly...

As we said above, cats are very clean creatures with a very fine sense of smell. So may be the odor of his litter box is becoming unpleasant to your cat. Clean it as much as you can and choose a brand of agglomerating and anti-odor sand.

Space issue

May be his litter box is too tight for him. If it ́s the case, get him a bigger one that will suit him better.

A crowded home?

If you have several cats at home that may well be, that some of them are intimidating the others and not letting them use the litter box. One solution: provide 2 or 3 bins and place them in accessible places. Problem fixed !

The stress

When a cat does not use its litter it can be due to stress. Try to determine the causes of his disorder with the help of a veterinarian.

A health concern

If your cat feels pain when urinating or defecating (urinary or intestinal problem, kidney stones, constipation ...), he will avoid his litter. Advice: have your cat examined to find the source of his discomfort and treat it as quickly as possible.