We often think that the coat of our pets is more than enough to keep them at a comfortable temperature in winter. This is not always true and it differs greatly from one breed to another. Here are some tips to help your hairballs withstand the cold months.

Fortunately there are very simple ways to help your friens withstand the cold. Whether you have a dog or a cat, we tell you what to do to keep it in good shape until the warm days are back.

Above all, a shelter

Yes your dog or cat has a fur, but this doesn ́mean they should sleep outside. Whatever your home organization is, always make sure that your pet has a place that isolates him from wind and rain. If your dog sleeps in the garden think of putting thick blankets in his kennel. If he sleeps inside the house, a full size basket with blankets will do the trick, same for your cat.

More (good) food

In order to keep the body at the right temperature in winter, your companion's metabolism is activated and burns more calories. To compensate for this situation, consider increasing the amount of food given to your animal from 10% to 20%, especially if he is very active ...

A garment for the small ones

The smaller your dog is, the more attention he needs in cold weather. Equip your yorkshires and other bichons with coats adapted to their body sizes. No, it won't look weird on the street...

Hydrate your pets!

It is not because it is cold that you should neglect the hydration of your companions. Drinking water also allows their bodies to function optimally and boost immunity.

Selected your walks timing

Use the warmest hours of the day for their walks and be sure to wipe your companions if they have been caught by the rain.