As a horse owner, you would like to learn more about breeding and reproduction. Here are some points you absolutely must master.

Whether you let your horses breed freely or proceed by artificial insemination, it is imperative to respect certain rules regarding the timing and the logistic.

Fertility period

First, a mare cannot give birth to a foal before she is 2 years old. When this age is reached, the mare goes through ovulation periods that last 20 to 23 days. Mating or insemination must take place during the heat period (one week). It is apparently very simple to recognize a mare in heat: she has a certain nervousness, neighs, and drinks a lot of water.

Males are permanently operational

A stallion can fertilize a mare by the age of 4 and this can take place during the whole year.

Almost a year of gestation

The mare carries her foal for almost a year. 11 months more exactly. An experienced breeder make sure at this time to provide her with a diet rich in nutrients. Do not hesitate to use supplements and other vitamins after seeking the advice of a veterinarian.

D-1, a need for solitude

When she is about to give birth, the mare likes to stay away from her peers. Let ́s call this a protective instinct ... make sure to arrange a clean and warm corner for her.

The last step...

It is well known that a mare stands upright when she is having her her baby. It is generally a matter of 20 minutes at the end of which the female gives birth to a foal or more rarely two. She then removes the umbilical cord and proceeds to wash her foal.